ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need to turn on my air con whenever I need to use hot water?
A: No. Do not need to do so. Once the air con has been on for 2 hours, the hot water can be retained as the ecogen Heat Recovery is well insulated. If it’s not used, the hot water can be retained for a number of days.

Q: How long does it take to heat the hot water?
A: For 1 HP (9k to 12k BTU) air con with the ecogen Heat Recovery 60 Liters tank the water can be heated up from 28 degrees C to 40 degrees C in ½ hour and 60 degrees C in 2 hours.

Q: How much approximately I can save by using the ecogen Heat Recovery ? (For Malaysia Only)
A: Assuming the consumption of the hot water is 200 and 500 Liters per day, the savings of the electricity bills will be at RM3.26 and RM8.14 per day based on the rate of RM0.32 KW/hr for electricity. In a year the savings for 200 Liters usage of hot water will be RM1189.59 and for 500 Liters will be RM2971.47.

Q: What is the requirement to install? Do I need to change my air con?

A: No. Do not have any special requirement to install. ecogen Heat Recovery can be used with any brand of the air con.

Q: Do my air con consume more electricity?
A: No. ecogen Heat Recovery in fact reduces work done by condenser thus less wattage of electricity is consumed by the air con.

Q: Will it damage my air con or compressor?
A: No. It will not damage your compressor as the heating coil for the air con is not immersed in the water thus preventing any contamination of water with refrigerant and vice versa.

Q: Is the maintenance cost high?

A: No. As there are no moving parts in the ecogen Heat Recovery, there is no maintenance cost at all.

Q: How does it help the environment?
A: ecogen Heat Recovery extract the discharged heat from the compressor of the air con unit before it is vented outside to heat water. This will protect the environment by drastically reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions compared to virtually all other form of heating and this also reduce the amount of heat being discharged to the environment by the air con thus helping in reducing global warming.